Virgo Crystal.

Virgo Crystal Water Filtration and Conditioning System

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The Virgo Crystal is a whole house, chemical-free Water Filtration and Conditioning System. Its five phase, maintenance-free system provides the highest quality water Virgo Water Systems offers.

Whole House, Chemical-Free

Five Phase System

Water Filtration and Conditioning System

  • Fiberglass tank in a welded stainless steel cover

  • Available with 1”, 1.25”, 1.5” or 2” diameter brass connections

  • Bypass valve to divert water around VIRGO for filling pools, hot tubs, etc.

  • Pre-programmed electronic control valve

  • Maintenance free

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Phase 1

Premium Grade Acid-Washed Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

  • Improves taste and smell

Phase 2

Centaur High Activity Carbon (HAC)

  • Further enhances taste and smell

Phase 3

Filter-AG Plus® Filter Media

  • Improves water clarity

Phase 4

Filter-AG Plus® Filter Media

  • Ensures the delivery of healthy drinking water

Phase 5

Non-Chemical Water Treatment System (NCWTS)

  • Reduces carbonate salts, calcium and magnesium ions


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