Virgo Crystal - Frequently Asked Questions.


Question 1: What Is The Difference Between The Virgo Crystal Water System And Traditional Water Softeners?

Traditional water softening systems utilize salt to soften hard-water. These systems protect pipes, plumbing fixtures and appliances from the effects of hard-water but they do nothing to improve water taste, smell or turbidity. These systems also produce a large amount of brine water waste that cannot be reused in any manner. As a matter of fact, softened water from a salt-based water softener is not recommended for drinking or for watering houseplants, lawns or gardens due to its sodium content.

The Virgo Crystal Whole House Water Conditioning System delivers significant whole home water filtration with a non-chemical alternative to water softening and conditioning in one maintenance-free appliance. It is a great alternative to traditional water softeners in municipalities that are no longer allowing them.

The Virgo Crystal Water System has advantages over traditional water softening systems that include:

  • An improved water taste and odor due to a significant reduction in chlorine and other volatile contaminants

  • High quality filtered water delivered throughout the entire home

  • Improved water clarity

  • No corrosive salts or brine discharge

  • All Virgo Crystal Water Systems are eco-friendly and maintenance free

  • The Virgo Crystal Water System has no obtrusive brine tank and can be installed in smaller areas than traditional dual tank softening systems.

Similar to a traditional water softening system, the Virgo Crystal Water System:

  • Effectively removes scale formation and hard water in pipes and water heaters

  • Helps to extend the life of fixtures & water using appliances

  • Allows soap to lather more efficiently

  • Easily allows water spots to wipe away

  • Easy one-time installations by a professional plumber in less than two hours


Question 2: Does the Virgo Crystal Water System have third-party certifications?

All Virgo Water Systems are built exclusively with media that are third-party certified.

  • Virgo Granular Activated Carbon is NSF/ANSI Certified and meets or exceeds all Food Chemical Codex, AWWA, ASTM and USP standards.

  • Virgo Centaur Activated Carbon is NSF/ANSI Certified under NSF Standard 42.

  • Virgo Filter-Ag Plus® media is NSF/ANSI Certified under NSF Standard 61.

  • Virgo Garnet #8-12 meets AWWA B100-96 specifications. It is also classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® in accordance with Standard ANSI/NSF 61.


Question 3: How Does The Permanent Magnetic Module Work To Condition The Water?

The Permanent Magnetic Module produces multiple reversing polarity magnetic fields that physically alter the molecular structure of positively and negatively charged ions of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. These are the key components of “hard water.” This causes the dissolved minerals to repel one another, thus not allowing them to form lime scale when heat change, pressure change, friction, or turbulence takes place within plumbing systems and water using appliances.

The Permanent Magnetic Module maintains water purity by providing a physical treatment process that does not add or remove anything from water. This cost-effective process is a non-polluting and energy conserving way to produce water that is safe for human consumption.


Question 4: How Long Will My Virgo Crystal Last?

Activated carbon has a definite life or capacity in performing its function. This capacity is somewhere between 400,000 and 800,000 gallons of water per cubic foot and is dependent upon the overall quality of the water being filtered.

All Virgo Water Systems are designed to last approximately 10 years depending on total water usage and local water conditions. Total water usage is largely dependent upon the number of people living in a home. On average, each person uses approximately 22,500 gallons of water per year in their home.

So, under average water use conditions:

  • 1 cubic foot of activated carbon will last a family of three approximately nine years

  • 1.5 cubic feet of activated carbon will last a family of four approximately ten years. This is the amount of media in all Virgo 1” units.

  • 2 cubic feet of activated carbon will last a family of five approximately eleven years. This is the amount of media in all Virgo 1 ¼” units.

  • 2.5 cubic feet of activated carbon will last a family of six approximately eleven years. This is the amount of media in all Virgo 1 ½” units.


Question 5: How Will I Know When The Media In My Virgo Crystal Needs To Be Replaced?

The most precise way is to annually test your water to be sure the impurities you are trying to remove are still being removed. If the desired concentration of the contaminate in the water is exceeded, then it’s time to change the carbon. Of course, a more fundamental way is to simply wait until you begin to notice chlorine or other unwanted odors in your water and ice.

Question 6: What Happens When the Media in my Virgo Crystal Is Depleted?

Some companies recommend customers purchase one or more bags of replacement media and these customers are told this will save them money, time and effort over the long-run. However, customers who try to replace their own media will find it extremely inconvenient, may face potential health risks and will most likely spend more money and too much personal time on the process. Moreover, if the customer decides to pay a plumber to handle the complete media replacement process the overall cost may end up being 2 to 3 times more than the advertised cost of the replacement media.

It is important to know that properly emptying the tank, cleaning the tank, disinfecting the tank then pouring and layering the media is a laborious, time consuming and risky process. In reality, there are several potential challenges and health risks:

  1. The water and saturated media will likely cause each unit to weigh over 200 pounds, making it very challenging for the average person to handle and manipulate when performing the proper media replacement process

  2. The average person is not likely to have the proper tools, equipment or skill necessary to properly empty, clean and disinfect the unit

  3. Expired media may contain concentrations of certain contaminants unhealthy for human contact

  4. Bacteria or other contaminants may be introduced into the unit during the refill process

  5. Replacement Media may end up not being poured and/or layered properly causing the unit to be less effective or even ineffective

  6. The Permanent Magnetic Module is fragile and can be damaged during the refill process.

Because of this, we do not use or recommend the replacement media approach for our Virgo units. Instead, we will provide our existing customers with a pre-filled and ready-to-install replacement tank that can quickly and easily replace the old Virgo unit simply by removing the old tank and replacing it with the new one. Please contact your local plumber when it is necessary to order a replacement tank for your Virgo Crystal unit.


Question 7: How Often Do Virgo Crystal Water Systems Need To Back-Flush?

We recommend every Virgo Water System back-flush once per week. This is usually frequently enough to keep the media active and your water fresh. Your Virgo unit will be programmed during installation to automatically back-flush during the middle of the night and will not require any action by you to work properly.


Question 8: Is The Water That Drains From My Virgo Crystal When The System Is Back-Flushing Safe For My Lawn And Plants?

Yes! Because your Virgo Crystal uses no chemicals or salts to condition the water, we actually recommend the drain from your Virgo Crystal be placed in your garden. Virgo Crystal units typically back-flush only 7 – 10 gallons per week.


Question 9: Why Are My Shower Doors Still Getting Spotty?

There are many reasons why your shower doors may still be spotty even after installing a Virgo Crystal Water System. These water spots may actually be result from the soap or shampoo being used and may also be a result of the shower not being cleaned or disinfected frequently enough. Virgo treated water contains almost no chlorine. This water is healthier to drink and to bathe in, but chlorine does help prevent mildew from developing. Proper ventilation and consistently wiping down the bath tub and shower enclosure after each use will keep your bathing area free of water spots and mildew.

To best maintain your bath and shower enclosures, we recommend you:

  • Use “CLR”, “X-14” or “Lemi Shine” as directed to remove any existing mineral build-up from your bath tub, shower walls, shower basin and glass doors.

  • Use a squeegee or wipe down shower doors and walls after each use to prevent spots caused by soap scum.

  • Apply “Turtle Wax” or a good liquid car wax on clear glass doors, chrome, brass and dark colored shower tile to help promote water sheeting and discourage soap scum build-up.


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